Ubergeek and expert technologist, Andi Mann, breaks down containers, microservices, and unikernals

Containers are functionally where unikernels run. Containers pretend to be an entire operating system – as far as the application can tell. But it’s a slimmed-down box that translates calls into the underlying operating system, so you can run a lot of isolated applications in one operating environment. It is like a virtual machine on […]

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Stuart Miniman Cloud Era Institute

Stuart Miniman: Power is shifting as the cloud matures

Stuart Miniman serves as principal research contributor at Wikibon. He is actively involved in networking, virtualization, and cloud communities. He is an expert on linking information and people in IT by leveraging the latest technologies and tools from innovation and social media communities. Miniman frequently speaks at industry conferences, contributes to Wikibon, co-hosts theCUBE, and […]

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Übergeek, Andi Mann, on mending fences between IT and business leaders

Andi Mann is chief technology advocate at Splunk. He has more than 20 years of global experience in government and corporate IT departments and as an industry analyst. Mann has presented worldwide on virtualization, cloud, automation, and IT management. He is co-author of the popular handbook, Visible Ops—Private Cloud, has been featured in The New […]

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Web wizard, Itamar Gero, on the future of the cloud and optimizing security

Itamar Gero currently serves as CEO of TrueLogic Online Solutions, which provides resources for offshore IT and SEO outsourcing needs. He is the founder of, and recently launched Itamar developed e-commerce and affiliate platforms, including payment solutions and fraud detection strategies for online merchants. In addition, Gero serves as Internal Vice President for […]

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Edgar Caballero on bringing fiber-optic solutions to more U.S. communities

Edgar Caballero is the CEO of Fast Fibr, a startup company delivering fiber-optic access to communities and empowering them through ownership. He is also founder and CEO of Layerfund, a subsidiary of Fast Fibr, owning exclusive rights to online funding technology for fiber optics and telecommunications. In this interview, Caballero discusses the pitfalls of Internet […]

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Gerardo A. Dada: The customer-driven mindset

 Gerardo A. Dada is vice president of product marketing and strategy for SolarWinds’ database and applications business globally. He is a marketer, strategist, and technologist who has been at the center of web, mobile, and cloud revolutions for Rackspace, Microsoft, Motorola, Vignette and Bazaarvoice. He is author of the blog  Dada coveys the importance […]

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Craig Settles: The role of community-based broadband in raising economic growth

Craig Settles is a broadband industry analyst, internationally recognized speaker, and host of Gigabit Nation radio show. He helps public and private sector organizations use broadband technology to accelerate economic development, reduce costs, and operate more effectively.   Settles is the author of Building the Gigabit City, his latest book on Community broadband strategy. He is […]

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Colin McCabe talks about APIs and taking the pain out of going to the cloud

Colin McCabe is the North American Cloud Technology Evangelist at IBM, and co-founder of Dogolog, an iOS app. He is also co-founder of a clothing line called Btton & Co, which integrates wearable technology with natural human behavior. McCabe was the Grand Prize Winner at Intel’s 2014 IoT Hackathon for a WiFi-enabled “Smart Jacket.” In […]

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